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Zolling, embedded in the beautiful Ampertal  and the neighboring hilly landscape of the Hallertau, is the main town of the municipality and administrative community of the same name.

The up-and-coming, but still predominantly rural town is located around six kilometers north of the district town of Freising at the intersection of the B 301 (Freising - Mainburg) and the state road 2054, which forms the east-west axis from _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_  
Moosburg (motorway connection Munich - Deggendorf) to Allershausen (motorway connection Munich - Nuremberg). The distance to Munich Airport in the Erdinger Moos is 15 km. There are bus connections to Freising (train connection Munich - Landshut), Mainburg and Moosburg.


With a length of 48 kilometers, the local road network connects the 24 districts (villages, hamlets, wastelands) within the municipality. The municipality currently has around 4500 inhabitants.

Beautiful hiking trails open up the graceful landscape. In addition to the valley location, the area, which largely belongs to the Tertiary hill country, varies in altitude between 423 and 516 m above sea level. Zolling itself is 430 m above sea level. 




The Freising adventure region is attractive and easily accessible in the middle of Bavaria and combines cultural diversity, nature experiences and leisure time fun with Bavarian customs. The cultural treasures of the historic old towns of Freising and Moosburg, the varied landscape criss-crossed by the rivers Isar and Amper, the Hallertau hop country and numerous leisure activities, well-known cycle paths and cycle tours make the region a popular destination for excursions just outside of Munich. In addition, Bavarian tradition and cosiness are mixed.  

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Hague adAmper


The municipality of Haag ad Amper is about 12 km north of Freising. The southern border of the municipality is essentially formed by the Amper river. In the west, the community of Haag ad Amper borders on the community of Zolling. 


Haag also has a beautiful beer garden.

In the Schloßallee Haag. One of the most beautiful and oldest beer gardens in Bavaria. Located in the heart of Haag an der Amper, we have 3200 seats on rustic wooden beer benches. Here you will be spoiled with a variety of culinary delights. Beers from the Hofbrauhaus Freising with the specialty "Jägerbier" are served, freshly tapped in the Keferloher. Here you can enjoy your time under huge, shady chestnut trees.


Enjoy the nature

Wide river valleys, original alluvial forests, different moor and heath landscapes with an intact flora and fauna as well as forest areas - as different as the landscape forms in the Freising region are, as numerous are the leisure and excursion possibilities as well as hiking - and bike tours that lead through this natural diversity. 


Shops right in front of the door


There are countless shops right outside the front door, which can be reached quickly on foot. no matter whether you need a pharmacy or drinks, everything can be reached in a short time.

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Public Transport 


can be reached in just a few minutes.

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